Mansory’s modified Maserati MC20

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Mansory recently acquired a Maserati MC20. The German tuning company has made some renderings of its next intentions for the Italian V6-powered vehicle.

Mansory’s modified Maserati MC20

Just take a look at how much carbon fibre Mansory wants to glue on.
The new front splitter is a sizable component that surrounds the grille with some lipstick and other flicks and "aero" features.

Look at the rear image as well. This image demonstrates the optional (and enormous) "sport wing" with its built-in brake light.
From behind, you can also appreciate the size of the wacky side skirts and the massive rear diffuser.

However, there is one feature we do like. If the vented engine cover and its roof scoop were painted the same colour as the rest of the contrast roof, they would look amazing.

A full aftermarket exhaust system, lowering springs that reduce the MC20's height by 25mm, and those forged wheels, which measure 21 inches up front and 22 inches in the rear, are among the further options listed on Mansory's website.


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