The Liberty Walk Countach

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The Countach was certainly not an understated vehicle. However, it hasn't stopped the renowned bodykit manufacturer Liberty Walk from customising the recognisable Italian supercar.


LB-Works Countach

This LB-Works Countach follows much the same route, with a redesigned bumper, diffuser, side skirts, wing, air intake, and much more, a year after it gave the Ferrari F40 heights of street cred never before seen by humans.

The outcome ought to be a monstrosity, and the ultimate dig at Marcello Gandini's original design, as someone at Lambo thought the LPI 800-4 was a good idea, yet we still want one. awfully.

The changes aren't priced, unlike many of Liberty Walk's previous masterpieces, but considering that a Countach just sold for over £1.3 million, you can assume they'll be expensive.

Images: Liberty Walk


LB WORKS Countach just launched with xix3d


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