Discovering the Vintage Porsche 911 Turbo Concept from the 1973 Frankfurt Auto Show

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In the spotlight of the 1973 Frankfurt auto show, Porsche unveiled its ambitious project: a high-performance rendition of the iconic 911. This groundbreaking model boasted a turbocharged flat-6 engine, hinting at a new era of power and innovation.

Discovering the vintage porsche 911 turbo concept from the 1973 frankfurt auto show 2 1This visionary concept later evolved into the revered 930-generation 911 Turbo, leaving an indelible mark on automotive history.

The announcement came alongside the reveal of a concept, now restored by its current owner to its original condition, at its Frankfurt debut.

Back when Porsche unveiled the car years ago, it didn't actually feature a functional turbocharged engine. Facing developmental setbacks, the automaker improvised by fitting a naturally aspirated engine and creating a faux turbocharging system crafted from wood, cleverly painted to resemble metal. Despite this workaround, it proudly sported the first-ever "Turbo" script on a 911, albeit hand-painted along its flanks.

Built upon a 1973 911 S chassis (number 9113300157), it boasted the wider body of the later production 911 Turbo, accentuated by a sizable rear wing and larger-diameter Fuchs-style wheels.

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Following its initial showcase, the concept embarked on a journey, gracing a few more exhibitions before transitioning into a developmental mule for race car components once production of the 911 Turbo commenced in 1974. In 1975, its path took it into the possession of Alan Hamilton, an esteemed racing driver and Porsche's Australian importer, who serendipitously encountered it during a visit to the Porsche factory and successfully negotiated its purchase.

Since then, the car has changed hands multiple times, finding its current home in Europe. Its next chapter awaits as it is slated to captivate audiences at an upcoming event at Hampton Court Palace in the U.K., commencing on August 30th.

Discovering the vintage porsche 911 turbo concept from the 1973 frankfurt auto show 6 1Although not recognized as the inaugural 911 Turbo, that distinction belongs to a distinct narrow-body model lacking any "Turbo" insignia. This particular vehicle, fitted with a 2.7-liter turbocharged flat-6 engine, was specially delivered to Louise Piëch, daughter of Porsche's founder Ferdinand Porsche, on her 70th birthday. This significant event unfolded in 1973, preceding the Frankfurt auto show of the same year. Presently, this historic car resides in the prestigious Porsche Museum located in Stuttgart.


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