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Modified mercedes amg g63 pickup5

Modified Mercedes-AMG G63 pickup

On 26/02/2023

You may have noticed that this Mercedes-AMG G63 is quite huge, it was built by Californian company Pit26 Motorsports.

Apocalypse hellfire 6x6 on jay lenos garage video 100803700 h

Jay Leno'sJeep 6x6 built by Florida's apocalypse

On 24/08/2021

There appears to be no lack of firms producing 6x6 behemoths based on normal SUVs and pickup trucks, and Apocalypse Manufacturing of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is one of the most successful.


A Jeep Wrangler dressed in an Italian suit is the Militem Ferox Adventure

On 23/07/2021

Militem describes the modified Jeep Wrangler it names the "Ferox Adventure" as "the ideal mix of American DNA and beautiful Italian design," and prices roughly £70,000 before tax.

Quadratec yjl 1

Modified, one-off Jeep Wrangler 'YJL'

On 21/03/2021

Quadratec mixes the Jeep YJ with the latest Wrangler to create something special