2003 lamborghini murcielago 10 1

2003 Lamborghini Murcielago: A Rare Gem Up for Auction on Bring a Trailer

By On 02/06/2024

For enthusiasts and collectors alike, the chance to own a piece of automotive history doesn't come around often. This 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago, now available for auction on Bring a Trailer, presents such an opportunity.

Dmc unveils lavish body kit for lamborghini revuelto 7 1

DMC Unveils Lavish Body Kit for Lamborghini Revuelto

By On 02/05/2024

Within a mere year of unveiling the Schumacher and Molto Veloce aero packages for the Lamborghini Revuelto, DMC, the renowned German tuner, defies expectations by introducing yet another captivating body kit for this iconic Italian supercar.

Keyvany renderings of lamborghini revuelto body kit 3 1

Keyvany Renderings of Lamborghini Revuelto Body Kit

By On 24/04/2024

Discover the Keytoro project by Keyvany: a stunning Lamborghini Revuelto body kit featuring striking carbon fiber upgrades. Unveil the transformation with a mix of new and modified panels, elegantly contrasting with the stock 'Arancio Borealis' paint.

The lamborghini huracan stj signals the conclusion of the v10 supercar era 1

The Lamborghini Huracan STJ Signals the Conclusion of the V10 Supercar Era

By On 11/04/2024

At the close of the year, Lamborghini's Huracán supercar will bid farewell, making way for its plug-in hybrid successor. The upcoming model is anticipated to swap the current V-10 engine for a twin-turbocharged V-8, marking a significant evolution in the automaker's lineup.

Embark on a lamborghini sc63 tour with romain grosjean 11

Embark on a Lamborghini SC63 Tour with Romain Grosjean

By On 20/03/2024

In 2024, Lamborghini made its debut in both the IMSA SportsCar Championship and FIA World Endurance Championship by introducing an LMDh race car that competed in the premier classes of GTP and Hypercar.

Donald trump s lamborghini diablo vt roadster 1

Donald Trump's Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster: A Look at What Went Down

By On 10/02/2024

Prior to assuming office in 2016, Trump's affinity for high-performance vehicles was evident, as evidenced by his ownership of a McLaren Mercedes SLR, a Ferrari F430, and even a personalised 24-Karat Gold Orange County Chopper crafted by Paul Teutal Sr.

Image00001 lp1200 strada zyrus engineering as media use only7b4a6064

twin-turbo 1,200bhp Zyrus LP1200 Strada Huracán

By On 23/07/2023

Full TÜV certification is received by a Norwegian company for its wild-bewinged Huracán.

Lamborghini centenario tractor

Lamborghini Centenario tractor

By On 25/05/2023

In 2016, to commemorate what would have been creator Ferruccio Lamborghini's 100th birthday, the £1.7 million Lamborghini Centenario was introduced.

Lamborghini revuelto 100879517 h

Lamborghini Revuelto Revealed

By On 31/03/2023

On Wednesday, Lamborghini unveiled the Revuelto as its successor to the Aventador.

Lamborghini huracn sterrato 100867219 h

A new Lamborghini Huracan is scheduled for late 2024

By On 12/03/2023

According to Road & Track, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann stated last week during a media briefing that the company will introduce a plug-in hybrid model to replace the Huracán in late 2024.