DMC Unveils Lavish Body Kit for Lamborghini Revuelto

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Within a mere year of unveiling the Schumacher and Molto Veloce aero packages for the Lamborghini Revuelto, DMC, the renowned German tuner, defies expectations by introducing yet another captivating body kit for this iconic Italian supercar.

Lamborghini Revuelto gets a Lavish Bodykit

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With its striking carbon fiber enhancements, the Revuelto Edizione GT (E-GT) exudes the perfect blend of wildness and sophistication expected from a customized Lamborghini. Limited to a mere 10 units, this exclusive kit commands a starting price of $288,888, surpassing the value of its original donor vehicle.

Demonstrated through CGI visuals, DMC unveiled the E-GT with a design that exudes heightened aggression compared to the Molto Veloce kit. Notably, it boasts a formidable rear wing extending down to the diffuser, further reinforced by a striking central fin adorning the engine cover.

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The ensemble is completed with a fresh set of carbon fiber wheels, subtly refined side skirts, and an updated bumper featuring a prominent splitter and intricately crafted cut-out elements. DMC has incorporated a series of new vents on the hood. Each component of the body kit is meticulously crafted from carbon fiber, offered in both glossy and matte finishes.

As per the tuner, the Edizione GT's 10 limited editions will each flaunt a unique hue. Fortunate owners will have the privilege of personalizing their vehicles with engraved logos or names adorning both the exterior and interior. While specifics remain undisclosed, DMC tantalizingly hinted at a "completely revamped interior" for a bespoke driving experience.

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Among the enhancements are a newly crafted stainless steel exhaust system and an optional power boost available for the plug-in hybrid V12 powertrain of the Revuelto. Opting for the latter could amplify the combined output by an impressive 88 hp (65 kW / 89 PS) beyond the stock hybrid V12 powertrain's formidable 1,001 hp (747 kW / 1,015 PS).

As detailed on the tuner's official website, the price range for the body kit is set between $288,888 and $388,888, marking a significant increase compared to the $39,990-49,990 Molto Veloce / Schumacher kits. DMC has emphasized that existing clientele will receive priority during the allocation process. To cater to a global audience, the tuner plans to allocate two units for North America, an additional two for the Middle East, and one for each of the following regions: China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Considering a brand new Lamborghini Revuelt commands a price tag of $608,358 in the US, opting for the Edizione GT by DMC would bring the total investment close to the million-dollar mark.

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