Keyvany's Ambitious Vision: Crafting a Ferrari Purosangue Beast Pushing Towards 1,000 HP

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Expanding the Horizon, Innovative Tuning Solutions for Ferrari Purosangue Owners Abound, Yet Keyvany Sets a New Benchmark.

Keyvany's Ferrari Purosangue 1,000 HP

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Teasing a Comprehensive Carbon Fiber Body Kit for Maranello's Unique Five-Door Model, Paired with a Potent Upgraded V12 Engine.

Keyvany unleashed a series of captivating renderings dubbed the "Keypuro" project across social media platforms, aiming to captivate Ferrari enthusiasts. The body kit metamorphoses the Purosangue into a menacing spectacle, adorned with abundant exposed carbon fiber throughout its bodywork.

Towards the front, the revamped bumper features enlarged intakes, departing from Ferrari's trademark "smile." Paired with a heightened double-story splitter, both elements sport an exposed carbon fiber texture for added allure. Enhancing the hood's aesthetics, numerous vents contribute to a pronounced 3D appeal, while the headlight extensions evoke memories of the FF and GTC4 Lusso's sleek predecessors.

Keyvany s ferrari purosangue 1 000 hp 1

The vehicle showcases fresh alloy wheels embraced by carbon fiber fender flares. Notably, broader side skirts seamlessly integrate with a novel lower bodywork line, stretching gracefully into the front doors.

The newly crafted diffuser boasts intricate detailing, though the functionality of all those fins remains uncertain. Similar uncertainty surrounds the additional vents adorning the rear bumper and fenders. Notably, the Purosangue sports a larger wing and a secondary spoiler nestled between the LED taillights.

Accompanying the preview renderings are select specifications, hinting at Keyvany's ambition to marry striking aesthetics with substantial mechanical enhancements. The 6.5-liter V12 engine is slated for tuning, promising an impressive output of up to 967 hp (721 kW / 980 PS) and 1,170 Nm (863 lb-ft) of torque, a considerable leap from Maranello's stock 715 hp (533 kW / 725 PS) and 715 Nm (528 lb-ft).

Details regarding the body kit's pricing and availability, as well as the upgraded internals, remain undisclosed by Keyvany. Consequently, the feasibility of Purosangue owners embracing such drastic alterations to their Ferrari's appearance remains uncertain, leaving this ambitious project's realization hanging in the balance.

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