Reviving the Hyundai Veloster: A Render with Elantra Influence

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Are you captivated by the notion of a sleek, compact coupe variant of the Hyundai Elantra, offering a blend of sporty design and urban practicality? Imagine the allure of a shorter, two-door configuration, embodying the Elantra's renowned performance and sophistication in a more agile and dynamic package.

Hyundai Veloster Render

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Hyundai's current range predominantly features SUVs, four-door sedans, and five-door hatchbacks. However, envision a scenario where the company explores the prospect of reviving the beloved Veloster and Tiburon models. This speculative endeavor has been brought to life by digital artist Theophilus Chin, who has crafted a captivating render of a modern, sporty model—a potential successor to these iconic vehicles.

This conceptual design breathes new life into the spirit of the Veloster, offering a glimpse into what a next-generation iteration could entail.

Theophilus Chin creatively infused Hyundai's cutting-edge design language into a sleek two-door configuration, drawing inspiration from the updated aesthetics of the Elantra sedan. Notably, Chin's visionary concept for the future Hyundai Veloster draws intriguing parallels with the 2013 Audi Sport Quattro concept, despite the latter never reaching production. This unexpected connection lends a distinctive character to the fictional model, straddling the boundaries between a compact coupe and a spirited hatchback, resulting in a captivating blend of form and function.

The bold front fascia, sleek profile, and striking full-width LED taillights of the Elantra seamlessly harmonize with the notably shorter frame of the depicted vehicle, evoking memories of the overlooked BMW 3-Series Compact. Within the contemporary automotive arena, potential competitors for this design could include the Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ siblings, along with the BMW 2-Series Coupe. The Hyundai emblem would likely signify a more accessible price point, offering an enticing blend of style and affordability.


Hyundai veloster render with elantra influence 1

As most automakers phase out sports cars from their offerings, the prospects of a production version of this model seem slim. Consumer preferences lean towards practicality over stylish yet less functional body types, indicating a subdued demand for mainstream coupes. Consequently, it's improbable that we'll witness a resurgence of this segment in the foreseeable future.

Hyundai continues to cater to performance enthusiasts with its lineup, exemplified by offerings like the Elantra N. With the recent debut of the Ioniq 5 N, the brand signals its commitment to this strategy, hinting at future plans to develop accessible performance-oriented electric vehicles.

The Demise of the Hyundai Veloster

Introduced in 2011 as a spiritual successor to the Tiburon coupe, the original Hyundai Veloster turned heads with its unique asymmetrical design—featuring two doors on the passenger side and a single door on the driver's side, setting it apart as the lone four-door hatchback of its time. Despite a stylish redesign in its second generation in 2018, which enhanced its appeal, the Veloster failed to capture sustained consumer interest. Eventually, Hyundai ceased production of standard trims in the U.S. market in 2021, with the Veloster N flagship meeting the same fate after the 2022 model year.




Hyundai Veloster

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