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The ford bronco now boasts 415 horsepower and enormous wheels thanks to manhart3

The Ford Bronco now boasts 415 horsepower and enormous wheels thanks to Manhart

On 20/10/2023

It appears that the German tuner is utilizing the Bronco marketed in Germany well.

Manhart mh4 600 website 1

Modified BMW M4 with 626bhp

On 25/02/2023

German tuner Manhart isn't particularly renowned for its modest automotive modifications instead, it favours use of carbon fibre as its hallmark style.

Manhart mh4 gtr ii g82 website 3

Manhart 692bhp modified BMW M4 CSL

On 10/02/2023

The 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six in the CSL has been upgraded from the conventional 542 horsepower to a far more adequate 692 horsepower.

Manhart vogue rv 650 website 1

Manhart intends to do this to the new Range Rover

On 04/04/2022

Do you require extra gold? There's enough of it in the Manhart Vogue RV 650.

Manhart mh8 700 cabriolet website 2

Manhart BMW 8 Series cabriolet with 700 BHP

On 25/11/2021

If someone ever tells you that the 616bhp BMW M8 Competition convertible isn't powerful enough, point them to the MH8 700 Cabrio from German tuner Manhart.

626bhp manhart tuned bmw x3m 9

Only ten of these Manhart-tuned BMW X3626bhp M's will ever be produced

On 08/11/2021

It's strange how the world works. Occasionally, we'll bring you news of some ridiculously tuned new SUV and start wondering why in the world would anyone purchase, say, an 800bhp Brabus Mercedes GLE.