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The toyota tacoma x runner street truck concept 9 1

The Toyota Tacoma X-Runner street truck concept

On 02/02/2024

An exclusive 2024 Toyota Tacoma with turbo-4 powertrains debuted earlier this year, but a prototype shown at this week's 2023 SEMA event suggests that a twin-turbocharged V-6 might find its way under the midsize truck's hood.

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A very pink 454bhp classic ford bronco

A very pink 454bhp classic Ford Bronco

On 21/02/2023

The most recent production from Velocity Modern Classics, a company that specialises in hand-restoring vintage Broncos, has been unveiled.

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Shelby f 150 super snake off road 001

Monster truck Shelby Super Snake F-150

On 14/02/2023

The price of the furious F-150 Super Snake has been announced by Shelby American Clive Sutton.

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20210308 img 3856 edit

A 325bhp V8 has been installed in a refurbished Chevy C10 pick-up

On 13/02/2023

A customised Chevrolet pickup truck allegedly created "for modern driving conditions" has been made public by a US tuner.

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Hennnesseymammoth1000trxoverland 001

1,012bhp Hennessey Mammoth

On 07/02/2023

For less than $20,000, Hennessey's new Overland Edition pack may be fitted to your customised RAM 1500 TRX.

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Tjin x thule lightning 1

The ideal EV for a road trip might just be this modified Ford F-150 Lightning

On 04/02/2023

The SEMA build by Tjin Edition includes recaro seats, solar charging, and a roof tent.

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Ringbrothers super truck centerscene 02 2

A racing engine powers the 1,000bhp Chevy Super Truck named ENYO 1948.

On 03/02/2023

The most outrageous build Mike and Jim Ring have ever completed is a vintage 1940s farm truck. It took them only 10,000 hours to complete, and it fulfilled their long-held desire to create an "anti-street-rod."

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149 0q3a7639

1,200bhp is produced by this 1972 Chevrolet Blazer

On 29/01/2023

A 1972 Chevy Blazer that was constructed using billet aluminium, carbon fibre, and 3D-printed parts took over 8,500 hours to complete.

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10 hennessey mammoth 1000

The Mammoth 1000 6x6 TRX from Hennessey

On 19/04/2022

The Hennessey Mammoth 1000 6x6 TRX was first unveiled in 2020 and is now fully in production. That implies we must all give our unconditional submission and accept it as our new dictator.

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Darkhorse00041 scaled

Ford Bronco pickup truck with six wheels

On 13/03/2022

The first 'Dark Horse' 6x6 construction from Apocalypse Manufacturing is up for auction.

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Brabus 850 6 0 biturbo 4x4 final edition mercedes benz g class

Brabus has equipped this G-Wagen pickup truck with 789 horsepower

On 26/01/2022

This 5.3m long monster is described as the "perfect off-road pickup" by a German tuner.