Drift Combat Between a Motorcycle and a Car

shawn By On 29/05/2021 at 09:53

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The age-old debate between car enthusiasts and avid cyclists continues to ignite passionate discussions. Since the inception of motorized transportation, the dispute over the superiority of cars versus bikes has been a perennial topic of contention.

Drift Combat Between a Motorcycle and a Car

The leather romper suit aficionados make a compelling argument, even a moderately priced superbike can outpace the most high-end supercars. This rings especially true on the track, where sleek motorcycles boast a superior power-to-weight ratio compared to their bulkier automotive counterparts.

Bikes face their own challenges when navigating twists and turns, with only two contact patches to handle braking and cornering. In this regard, cars hold the advantage. But what about sideways action?

Drifting in a car demands precise control of steering angles and throttle inputs. Yet, on a bike, it appears to be a nerve-wracking tightrope act.

To witness stunt rider Joona Vatanen and drifter Harri Kosunen engage in an electrifying battle to determine the ultimate sideways champion, check out the video above. Afterward, weigh in on whether you believe the drift crown rightfully belongs to two wheels or four, let us know in the comments.

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