Audi Offers a Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Generation of the e-tron GT

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Similar to the Porsche Taycan, the initial Audi e-tron GT was effortlessly appealing. Its physical appearance was particularly striking and impressive.

Audi e-tron GT

Audi offers a sneak peek at the upcoming generation of the e tron gt 3 1

When it first hit the streets, the Audi e-tron GT turned heads and captured the attention of onlookers. Its presence was akin to a show-stopping display at an automotive event, prompting spectators to pause and admire its entirety. With its striking appearance and impressive performance, it exuded a sense of being freshly unveiled from a grand stage.

Despite the popularity of the Porsche Taycan in the market, the e-tron GT carved its niche as the distinctive and slightly avant-garde choice among buyers. However, like its counterpart, it faced similar challenges of rapid depreciation over time.

Looking ahead, Audi is gearing up to unveil the latest iteration of the e-tron GT. While full details are yet to be disclosed, glimpses of its prototype form showcase a design reminiscent of its predecessor, which has garnered positive feedback. Built upon the updated J1 platform shared with the Porsche, it is expected to feature similar battery options, including the 82kWh and 97kWh variants known for enhancing range and supporting rapid charging capabilities up to 320kW.

Audi offers a sneak peek at the upcoming generation of the e tron gt 2 1

Predicting the power output of the e-tron can be challenging, especially considering its historical positioning in the shadow of the Taycan in terms of performance. However, with the upcoming version, it's expected that there will be a noticeable increase in power.

In its previous iterations, the e-tron boasted 530hp in quattro trim and 646hp as an RS model. While the highest power variants, such as the 775hp (or 952hp on overboost), are likely reserved for the Turbo S, it's reasonable to anticipate that the new version will exceed 700hp, possibly placing it above a Taycan 4S but below a regular Turbo model.

Audi has hinted at the arrival of an RS Performance version, indicating the possibility of pushing performance boundaries further. The inclusion of the innovative electro-hydraulic active suspension system, debuted in the Taycan, promises enhanced handling dynamics despite the car's starting kerbweight.

As for pricing, specific figures are yet to be confirmed, but it's anticipated that the starting prices, currently at £88,365 for the GT and £120,515 for the RS, will see an increase. More details are expected to be unveiled later this year.



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