The new redesigned Porsche Cayenne will be electric

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Porsche said on Monday during its annual general meeting that its revamped Cayenne, which is scheduled for release in the second part of this decade, will be battery-powered.

The new Porsche Cayenne will be electric

By the end of the decade, Porsche projects that up to 80% of its sales will be electric. This means that most of the automaker's lineup will switch out cylinders for battery cells in the coming years.

Porsche has previously stated that by the year 2030, only the 911 is anticipated to still be powered by a gas engine.

Porsche's first EV, the Taycan, is already on pace to outsell the 911 in terms of sales, and the first electric Macan compact crossover is scheduled to go on sale in the first half of 2024.

Porsche has stated an electric flagship SUV with three rows of seats would debut around 2027 and is now testing an electric 718 sports car that will be on sale around 2025.

Porsche ppe chassis prototype ludmilla 100864432 hAccording to a statement made by Porsche on Monday, the electric Cayenne will follow the electric 718 and go on sale around 2026. It is anticipated to make use of a PPE platform developed by parent company VW Group for high-volume luxury EVs. Later this year, the platform makes its debut in an Audi Q6 E-Tron compact crossover, which is effectively the automaker's electric Macan.

The PPE platform is adaptable enough to produce versions with low and high riding in various size ranges. The platform will have a 98-kwh battery pack and one motor driving each axle for the electric Macan. At least one grade will have a combined output of more than 603 horsepower, while an electrified Cayenne should have even higher outputs.

We might even see a four-motor drivetrain in the electrified Cayenne, albeit that hasn't been confirmed yet. In addition to producing large power outputs, such a system would also enable torque vectoring with quicker and more accurate control. In 2019, Porsche claimed to be working on a similar system.

The gas-powered Cayenne will probably continue to be sold when the electric model debuts, much like Porsche expects to sell the current gas-powered Macan and 718 alongside their electric replacements for a little duration. In spring, the gas-powered Cayenne will get a significant update to keep it fresh. This update will feature exterior aesthetic changes, many chassis improvements, and increased electric range for plug-in hybrid models.



The Porsche Cayenne Electric is coming for the Tesla Model X!

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