The release of Bentley's initial electric vehicle has been postponed until late 2026

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Bentley's electric vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled in late 2026, with deliveries not commencing until the subsequent year, as stated by CEO Adrian Hallmark during the announcement of the company's 2023 financial performance.

Stated by CEO Adrian Hallmark

The release of bentley s initial electric vehicle has been postponed until late 2026The EV's arrival will be postponed by nearly two years from Bentley's initial announcement in 2020. According to Hallmark, this delay is attributed to software complications and the difficulties in aligning the vehicle's platform, sourced from the Volkswagen Group, with Bentley's stringent standards.

Bentley, like many other automakers, has decided to postpone its EV plans due to the slower-than-anticipated growth in demand for electric vehicles. This decision comes as a response to the changing market landscape. However, Bentley will still continue to offer plug-in hybrid models in the upcoming decade, but only for a limited time until they are eventually replaced by their electric counterparts.

Bentley remains committed to its goal of becoming a fully electrified brand within this decade, despite the setback in its EV plans. The production of Bentley's W12 engine will cease in April, with the V-8 engine transitioning to plug-in hybrid powertrains from July or August onwards.

It is worth noting that Hallmark has highlighted the cost-effectiveness of EV batteries compared to the W-12 engine, expressing eagerness for the shift towards EVs.

The upcoming EV line up will kick off with a new model, followed by redesigned versions of existing models. The initial EV is expected to combine sedan and crossover elements, possibly resembling Lamborghini's first EV model. Lamborghini's electric vehicle, previewed by the Lanzador concept last year, is set to debut in 2028.

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