Bentley introduces major update for continental gt 1

Bentley Introduces Major Update for Continental GT

By On 20/06/2024

Bentley is set to unveil a significant update for its Continental GT range, replacing the classic W-12 engine with a cutting-edge hybrid powertrain centered around a V-8 engine.

Bentley edition 8 collection takes its final bow 12

Goodbye to Pure V-8 Power: Bentley Edition 8 Collection Takes Its Final Bow

By On 09/05/2024

Thursday saw Bentley unveiling fresh Edition 8 iterations of its Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, and Flying Spur, signaling the conclusion of an era for these models exclusively powered by a V-8 engine.

The bentley batur convertible soaks up the w 12 spotlight in open air splendor

The Bentley Batur Convertible Soaks Up the W-12 Spotlight in Open-Air Splendor

By On 07/05/2024

Only 16 of these models will ever see the light of day worldwide. Bentley's already reached out to a select group of clients they believe are deserving of this exclusive edition.

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Bentley bentayga s black edition

Bentley Bentayga S Black Edition: A New Standard of Luxury SUV Excellence

By On 10/04/2024

As demand for exclusive features grows among ultra-luxury car buyers, brands like Bentley eagerly fulfill their desires by offering bespoke touches and unparalleled craftsmanship

The release of bentley s initial electric vehicle has been postponed until late 2026

The release of Bentley's initial electric vehicle has been postponed until late 2026

By On 19/03/2024

Bentley's electric vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled in late 2026, with deliveries not commencing until the subsequent year, as stated by CEO Adrian Hallmark during the announcement of the company's 2023 financial performance.

First bentley t series 100837338 h

The very first T-series ever made is being restored by Bentley

By On 17/04/2022

Bentley is refurbishing its original T-Series, a product that has kept the company afloat for the past 15 years.

Mansory bentayga w12 01

Take a peek at Mansory's Bentley Bentayga Speed, which has 887 horsepower

By On 16/02/2022

With the full Mansory treatment, the fastest Bentley SUV becomes even faster.


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Take a peek at Mansory's Bentley Flying Spur, which has 700 horsepower

By On 22/10/2021

Mansory has been quite productive recently. The Stallone GTS, an 818bhp Ferrari 812 GTS, was first, followed by the 769bhp Audi RS7 with the necessary carbon exterior.
There's also this: the German tuner's interpretation of the Bentley Flying Spur.

Bentley mulsanne grand limousine 100801263 h

Bentley is selling five unused Mulsanne Grand limousines

By On 03/08/2021

Buyer's regret is a term used to describe when a person makes a purchase. We've all had it, albeit perhaps not to the extent that the original buyer of the five Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousines presently for sale did.

Mulliner 1000th commission 0001 1000

The 1,000th project of Bentley Mulliner is a bright purple Bentayga

By On 13/07/2021

Bentley's Mulliner Design team was established seven years ago, and it recently completed its 1,000th contract.