Goodbye to Pure V-8 Power: Bentley Edition 8 Collection Takes Its Final Bow

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Thursday saw Bentley unveiling fresh Edition 8 iterations of its Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, and Flying Spur, signaling the conclusion of an era for these models exclusively powered by a V-8 engine.

Bentley edition 8 collection takes its final bow 2

Later this year, anticipate the arrival of refreshed editions of these vehicles, now featuring a V-8 engine paired with a plug-in hybrid system. Bentley showcased its latest innovation, the Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain, on Wednesday, marking a significant step towards electrification.

For now, the Bentayga SUV will keep its V-8 engine, but it's moving towards offering only electrified powertrains later on.

The new Edition 8 models are only available in North America. Bentley has already stopped offering the standalone V-8 in most markets for the Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, and Flying Spur.


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Bentley has equipped the Edition 8 cars with sought-after features from the Mulliner personalization department as standard. These include black accents instead of chrome, self-leveling badges for the 22-inch wheels, and comfort-specification seats with a palm-fluting pattern.

Additionally, the cars boast custom badging and "Edition 8" scripts on the seat backs and door sill plates. Buyers can choose from over 60 color options from Mulliner's expanded paint range.

The first deliveries are expected soon, but Bentley hasn't disclosed the production numbers or pricing yet


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The new Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain is set to replace Bentley's iconic W-12 engine, with production scheduled to conclude this summer. To commemorate the W-12's legacy, Bentley introduced the limited-edition Batur and Batur Convertible models.

Delivering over 740 hp, the Ultra Performance Hybrid surpasses the W-12's highest power output. Bentley may also utilize its existing V-6 plug-in hybrid powertrain, found in models like the Bentayga Hybrid and Flying Spur Hybrid, to provide a lower output for the updated Continental GT and Continental GT Convertible, offering performance akin to the outgoing V-8. With the V-6 plug-in hybrid generating 536 hp, it closely matches the standalone V-8's power.

Looking ahead, Bentley is gearing up for a transition to fully electric powertrains. The brand's first electric vehicle is slated for a late 2026 debut, representing a new model line rather than a derivative of existing models.


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