Mansory Maybach S680

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Mansory has decided to modify a Maybach S680 and there is a lot of blue.


Mansory has obtained a Mercedes-Maybach S680

For whatever reason, it hasn't genuinely provided us with information about the changes it has made.

That paint shade is reportedly called "China Blue," and Mansory describes it as "eye-catching" in their own words.

The enormous Mercedes vehicle suddenly seems more fit for a Smurf chauffeur than it does for the most influential executives on the planet. With the exception of the grille, every surface is completely covered in paint, and the windscreen itself has a blue tinge. Nevertheless, it is a pleasant deviation from the normal views of large expanses of exposed carbon fibre.

The German turner does reveal the existence of a "power that stirs the soul." Who knows if that indicates the normal 6.0-liter V12 with 604bhp has undergone any changes.


2024 Mercedes Maybach S 680 Manufaktur - Luxury Sedan by MANSORY


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