Debut of the Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet

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AMG convertibles often capture attention beyond what might be expected. With advancements in chassis technology and the increasing weight of hardtop vehicles, the distinction between coupes and convertibles has become less pronounced.

Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet

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The convertible version maintains its allure of open-air cruising with friends, complete with features like Aircap and Airscarf for added comfort, along with a potent engine for pure enjoyment. Anticipate similar thrills from the new CLE 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet.

Under the hood, it shares the same powertrain as the recently reviewed coupe: a robust 449hp and an impressive 442lb ft of torque from the M256M mild-hybrid 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six engine with an integrated starter generator. Paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive system (including a drift mode for the adventurous), it promises exhilarating performance. Acceleration from 0-62mph is claimed at 4.2 seconds with Race Start engaged, and it still offers an optional 168mph speed limiter removal.

With widened track widths akin to the coupe (58mm at the front, 75mm at the rear), the CLE 53 stands out as more than just a typical luxury convertible, despite its spacious interior designed for four occupants. While the absence of a fixed roof may compromise some of its sleek aesthetics, the retractable fabric top can be raised or lowered in just 20 seconds at speeds up to 37mph, coming in red, black, or grey. Mercedes ensures year-round usability with extensive insulation for protection from the elements.

Though it boasts a substantial boot and ample seating, the CLE 53 maintains the agility and performance expected from an AMG model, proving that practicality doesn't have to sacrifice excitement, even in a convertible format.

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Thrill-seekers yearning for the ultimate AMG experience will find themselves immersed in a world of cutting-edge technology within the Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 Cabriolet. From the optional AMG Dynamic Plus package, boasting Race mode, two-wheel drive capability, and launch control, to the nuanced rear bias in ESP Sport mode and standard adaptive damping ensuring enhanced agility and traction, every detail is meticulously crafted for maximum performance. While the precise weight remains undisclosed, akin to its 53 Coupe and CLE 450 cabrio counterparts at 2,080kg, rest assured that every effort has been made to uphold the esteemed AMG legacy.

Beyond its high-performance capabilities, the CLE embraces its identity as a quintessential Mercedes convertible, prioritizing unparalleled comfort and luxury. Specially treated leather, designed to remain up to 12 degrees cooler in direct sunlight, along with bespoke AMG accents and opulent high-gloss carbon trim, elevate the interior to a realm of sophistication. Optional indulgences, including customizable ambient lighting, sumptuous nappa leather, and ergonomically crafted AMG Performance seats, offer an unparalleled level of refinement.

For those seeking to make a visual statement, a plethora of options await, from striking 20-inch wheels to exclusive AMG Night Packages and the captivating AMG Styling Package with carbon accents. In succinct fashion, Mercedes-AMG presents the CLE 53 Cabriolet as the embodiment of "open-air fun meets performance," promising a seamless fusion of exhilaration and sophistication. With a legacy of crafting exhilarating roadsters, Mercedes-AMG is poised to redefine luxury driving experiences with the CLE 53. Stay tuned for forthcoming UK specifications and pricing, as deliveries are anticipated to coincide with the eagerly awaited summer of 2024.

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