Alpina Unveils 529hp B3 and B4 GT Models

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BMW's updates might sometimes feel a bit routine, but when a facelifted BMW translates to a refreshed Alpina, it's a cause for excitement.

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As BMW’s G20 3 Series gets its makeover, Alpina steps up with not just a new B3, but an enhanced GT model as well. With limited opportunities left before fully integrating with BMW, Alpina is going out with a bang.

Taking cues from the larger B5, the new B3 and B4 GT models see improvements across the board. Alpina has capitalized on the stronger body-to-rear damper connection in the updated 3 Series by adding a robust front strut brace.

This enhancement boosts rigidity and significantly sharpens steering precision. Alpina has also fine-tuned the steering system, introduced a new damper design, installed a stiffer front anti-roll bar, and reworked the xDrive system for a more rearward bias, promising a driving experience rich in dynamism and agility.

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Performance was never a weak point for the current Alpina B3 and B4, but more power is always welcome. The 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six engine now produces 529hp and 538lb-ft of torque. This represents a 34hp increase while maintaining the same torque, positioning it just one horsepower shy of the Competition M models. This power boost, achieved through an ECU tweak, enables all models to exceed 189mph.

The GT models stand out with a new front end featuring canards for improved lift, and while it might seem extravagant for an Alpina, it thankfully retains the classic Alpina look over the M grille.

The rear diffuser has been updated for better aerodynamic balance. The eye-catching forged Alpina Classic wheels, painted in a new Oro Tecnico color, are bound to attract attention. This new hue, along with a matching decal set, marks a first for Alpina, though traditional silver remains an option upon request.

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Inside, the GT models retain the familiar 3 Series layout with larger screens and fewer buttons. Alpina adds its unique touches with standard carbon trim, extensive Lavalina leather, a build plaque, and a new steering wheel. Anodized aluminum shift paddles are also included in every car.

The new Alpina B3 and B4 GT models promise not to disappoint. While exact production numbers haven't been disclosed, they are expected to be limited (the B5 was capped at 250 units). Prices start at £89,300 for the saloon, £90,400 for the Touring, and £91,400 for the Gran Coupe-based B4. The configurator is already live, and Alpina suggests pairing Daytona Violet with the gold accents—naturally.




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