The 625bhp Alpina B5 GT

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With a small batch of 250 high-performance GTs, Alpina adds its own touch to BMW's M5.

Alpina adds its own touch to BMW's M5.

Alpina says, "For more than 50 years, Alpina has been a modest alternative to the automotive mass market." And it is because of this that the modest tuning company, which was recently absorbed by BMW, has gained such a cult following.

This new Alpina B5 GT is likely to be popular, not least because it has a particular position in the company's history as the most potent Alpina ever produced.

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The B5 GT is a useful nine horsepower more powerful than the M5 Competition, but it has exactly one horsepower less than BMW M's own insane M5 CS, which was released back in 2021 and is no longer available for new purchases (available for new purchase).

Under the B5 GT's hood lies BMW's famous 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which produces 625 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque thanks to "flow-optimized" air intake ducts and air intake silencers as well as the customary ECU and turbo boost pressure adjustments.

Alpina engineers reportedly concentrated on the V8's "responsiveness and power delivery," and they also made some adjustments to the ZF eight-speed transmission.
As a result, the Touring accelerates to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds less time than the B5 GT sedan. There is ample speed. The saloon's top speed is 205 mph, whereas the Touring's top speed is 200 mph. Of course, the term "slower" in this context is highly relative.

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Speaking of "slower," Alpina installed Brembo brakes, callipers, and "extremely heat-resistant" pads all throughout the car. The arrangement is intended to provide more immediate pedal feel and increased fading resistance. They are concealed by 20-inch "Alpina Classic" forged alloys, which are unquestionably 60% of the reason you purchase an Alpina.

The B5's suspension has only been slightly modified over the B5 (which already has shorter, stiffer springs and Alpina-spec adaptive dampers over the BMW version): a front end reinforcement is said to improve steering precision and feedback, and the Touring's rear ride height has been decreased for "optimised roll support."
A new middle silencer has been added to the Alpina sports exhaust to create a "throaty eight-cylinder sound."

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Which you'll be able to appreciate from within that Alpina-trimmed cabin, which is customised for each buyer and offers a range of interior trim options.
Only 250 of these unique B5 GTs, with the saloon costing €145,500 and the touring costing €148,500, will be produced by Alpina.

According to the firm, "Alpina looks back on a lengthy legacy of small, special limited-edition models, all of which embody the remarkable."
"These are now sought-after collectibles and enthusiast items.

The BMW ALPINA B5 GT was created in order to continue this legacy of spectacular variants. It embodies our love of fine automobiles and combines a subtle, distinctive design with the most potent, high-performance drivetrain in the history of the brand. The BMW 5 Series at Alpina reaches its highest point with the B5 GT.

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