CorSpeed Deville on the Mercedes S 500 L in AMG Outfit

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Cor.Speed Sports Wheels Europe unveils an exceptional transformation, showcasing the Cor.Speed Deville wheels on a Mercedes S 500 L enhanced to emulate the AMG aesthetic.

CorSpeed Deville on the Mercedes S 500 L

Corspeed deville s klasse 01 1

Despite the striking resemblance to the powerful AMG S 63, this vehicle, owned by Kevin M., is indeed an S 500 in the long version, meticulously upgraded with genuine AMG parts to achieve its captivating look.

The addition of Cor.Speed Deville wheels elevates the allure of this luxury sedan, offering a combination of commanding design and ample sizing perfectly suited for large vehicles like luxury sedans or SUVs. With dimensions of 9.5x22 inches on the front and 10.5x22 inches on the rear axle, these wheels exude sophistication. Their glossy black finish seamlessly complements the vehicle's dark black bodywork, accentuating its sleek appearance. Paired with tires measuring 255/30R22 and 295/25R22, the Deville wheels ensure both style and performance.

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One striking feature that enhances the visual appeal of the S 500 L is the golden brake calipers, a vibrant contrast against the black backdrop. Reminiscent of the carbon ceramic brake system found in AMG models, these eye-catching calipers add a touch of luxury and sportiness to the vehicle.

The vehicle's reduced ground clearance, achieved through an electronic lowering module for the air suspension of the S-Class, underscores its sporty stance and dynamic presence on the road.

Corspeed deville s klasse 02 1

Witness the breathtaking transformation of the Mercedes S 500 L on Cor.Speed's digital platforms, including the YouTube channel "Corspeed Sports Wheels" the interactive Instagram profile "corspeed.sports.wheels" and the Facebook page "Barracuda Europe Racing Wheels" Captivating videos and images showcase the elegance and performance of the Cor.Speed Deville wheels on this remarkable vehicle.

Enthusiasts and automotive aficionados can now experience the Cor.Speed range of light alloy wheels, available at select car dealerships and well-stocked tire and specialist retailers. Elevate your driving experience with Cor.Speed Sports Wheels.

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