Brabus S-Class boasts an impressive 930hp and achieves a fuel efficiency of 50mpg

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The Brabus hybrid offensive persists, this time adding an additional 130hp to the already powerful S-Class.

Brabus S-Class

Mceu 84057753411710515206887 1It appears that Brabus holds certain things sacred. After introducing their most formidable creation to date, the Rocket 1000, which is built upon the plug-in AMG GT 4-door, one might have expected them to push the boundaries further with the S-Class, utilizing the same powertrain - the 63 E Performance. However, in the realm of Brabus, nothing surpasses the speed of a Rocket. Therefore, the Sonderklasse counterpart must settle for a more modest level of performance. Hence, it still boasts a impressive 930hp.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect is that the Brabus 930's power output is not significantly different from the standard version - Mercedes offers an 802hp S-Class directly from the showroom. However, the increase of 128hp represents a boost of over 15 percent, which would be noticeable regardless of the original power output.

This enhancement was made possible by installing a pair of robust Brabus blowers on the 4.0-liter V8 engine (this E Performance model does not include additional capacity); the replacement of the AMG turbos has raised the engine power from 612hp to 740hp. Similar to the Rocket, the electric drive unit remains unchanged, providing the same 190hp. Brabus conducted thorough testing on stationary engine test benches, modern AWD chassis dynamometers, as well as extensive test drives on racetracks, test tracks, and public roads for calibration purposes.

Mceu 60991229451710515288088 1The outcome is a colossal 2.6-tonne monster that possesses the ability to accelerate as swiftly as a McLaren F1 (and accompanied by a three-year Brabus warranty) - achieving 0-62mph in a mere 3.2 seconds. The maximum speed is capped at 180mph, presumably to preserve the integrity of the tires. Alternatively, it could be due to the subpar condition of the road it traverses at a staggering three miles per minute. Any onlooker fortunate enough to witness the 930 zooming by will be treated to the captivating sound of a 'particularly powerful Brabus V8 exhaust note', courtesy of its quad carbon-titanium tailpipes. However, being a 2024 Brabus model, it also features a 'Coming Home' mode.

Brabus has gone the extra mile to ensure that the 930 stands out among the predominantly black AMG S-Class models. The front intakes are not only larger but also functional, while the rear diffuser is crafted from carbon fiber. Additionally, the new 20-spoke Monoblock wheels add a unique touch. It is important to inform the hotel valet that these features make the vehicle special, especially the 22-inch diameter wheels. Moreover, the car sits 10mm lower thanks to Brabus's air suspension module, enhancing its overall appearance.

Mceu 31840532231710515269283 1It is unlikely that they will be paying attention, as they will be inside a 930 and most likely unable to hear you. The purchaser is free to customize their driving space as they please, although Brabus will probably require the inclusion of the '77' logos found on recent vehicles (representing the year the company was established). Additionally, there may be more carbon elements added.

The owners of the latest S63 model have the option to customize their car to their desired extent by opting for Brabus modifications, whether it's limited to just the wheels or includes a body kit, or even the complete 930 conversion.

Although the exact price for the car showcased here is not yet available for the UK market, it is expected to exceed the standard price of €405,000 (£346,000). Considering it is a Brabus modification, it is safe to assume that the additional cost will not be insignificant. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this is a powerful 900hp Mercedes S-Class.



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