V8 Audi R8 rally car is up for sale

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The 2014 Audi R8, with a V8 engine, was completely redesigned and given some minor tweaks to give it a new lease of life off the beaten path.


2014 Audi R8, with a V8 engine

To give additional welly, a front nudge bar with Baja LED lighting, an aluminium roof rack and a two-inch raise kit have been combined with 5mm thick skid plates. It's so good that it might even unseat Arnie as the best Predator catcher in the world.

All else, the bodywork still retains a distinctly R8 appearance. In keeping with the current trend of modified R8s and Huracáns, the seller of this vehicle has gone so far as to remove the back bumper entirely, leaving the stainless steel exhaust visible.

The 18-inch Braid multi-spoke alloys and vented, cross-drilled discs are surrounded by Falken A/T treaded tyres. The external appearance is completed with a dark blue body finish, many "Adrenalin Industries" vinyls, and yellow callipers.

In contrast, hardly any changes have been made to the interior. The car's factory infotainment and normal controls are still present, but the sports seats are covered in red stitching and black leather. We appreciate that there are two personalities living there, so this is not a complaint on our part.

Although the precise changes in power and torque outputs are unknown, we do know that the 4.2-liter FSI V8 is now supported by an updated ECU and performance air intake. Drive is still sent to all four wheels via a dual-clutch automatic transmission with seven speeds. Actually, the only thing that might be improved upon here is a six-speed gated manual.

The vehicle has about 56k miles on it, but most of those should have been on smooth, silky roads.


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