The Manhart-tuned BMW M3 increases power without becoming more obtrusive

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This BMW was modified by a German tuning company, and it isn't any more ugly than when it was first built.

Manhart-tuned BMW M3

Manhart tinkered with the M3 till it produced the MH3 GTR, which has a respectable increase in power over the 503bhp and 479lb ft.

But with the biturbo straight-six engine from BMW, there was always more on the table because, of course, we live in an era of both turbocharging and cautious risk assessors.

Manhart has its own auxiliary control unit, which it calls the "MHtronik." It is paired with a stainless steel exhaust.

Given that the G80 is an uncommon sort of M3 that brakes as well as it goes, the brakes are standard, but the coilover suspension, the wheels, and the wide-boy Michelins are not.
The one-piece Recaro bucket seats, which are also made of carbon fibre and are lightweight.

Regarding the other traditional M3 characteristic, the nose is still present.

But even Manhart is tired of hearing about the front end of the G80 M3.
Manhart says, "We would rather concentrate on the driving dynamics rather than revisit the contentious front-end design.


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