What do you think of the odd M Performance exhaust on the new BMW M3 Touring?

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BMW describes its carbon components for the powerful M3, but those tailpipes are too much for us to handle.

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed just last month, the new BMW M3 Touring was unveiled to the public.

BMW utilised the new MotoGP safety vehicle to demonstrate its new M Performance Parts at the same time.

The road-going carbon components have now been adequately revealed to us, and it's safe to assume that opinions will differ on them.

The saloon-bodied M3's available exhaust system and the M Performance exhaust system are identical.
It is constructed of titanium, and according to BMW, it is 30% lighter than the conventional configuration.
If you can get beyond the triangular appearance, it sounds excellent.

Additionally, there are two additional forged wheel options, two separate sets of fancy M brake pads, and height-adjustable M Performance sport suspension.


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