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Among the rarest vehicles ever seen is this one. It's among the greenest as well. Introducing the Japanese tuning outfit Tom's analysis on Toyota's TRD 3000GT.


Tom's has restored a TRD 3000GT, and it looks fantastic

Gran Turismo enthusiasts will always remember the TOM'S racing Supra, a 1994 Japanese touring vehicle with wider, more aggressive design intended for the GT500 class. Toyota produced a limited number of road-going variants based on the racer's more aggressive styling, and TOM'S has updated that vehicle, officially known as the TRD 3000GT.

Indeed, it appears quite new. Commemorating its golden anniversary, TOM'S has renovated and updated the TRD 3000GT, according to, well, TOM'S. The original Toyota Racing Development, or TRD for short, fitted the MKIV Supra with a new bodykit composed of fiber-reinforced plastic.

The "heavy, original bodywork" was to be replaced with lighter, more aerodynamic components. Notice the changes from a standard MKIV Supra: the angrier front bumper, the side skirts with flared arches, the redesigned rear wing, and the angry bonnet with four vents. Tom's has only restored the full offering—none of this has been altered.

It deviates from TRD's efforts in that it has new Brembo brakes, a new suspension system called "Advox Sports," and stylish multispoke wheels that replace the deep-dished five-spoke originals from TRD. On the final point, we are divided. I'm sure you are as well.

Aside from a new "enhanced engine breathing product" (read: fancy air filter), TOM'S has left the twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE six-pot alone, but so did TRD back in the day. Thus, less than 300 horsepower will be directed into the back wheels.

Which, considering TOM'S is asking about 25,000,000 Yen, or £133k, for the entire car, feels like a lost chance. However, TRD only produced 35 3000GTs, making it one of the rarest cars in the world. In addition, it is incredibly environmentally friendly and has amazing proportions.

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