The 750bhp ABT RS6 Legacy Edition is an upgraded Audi estate

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The RS6's 4.0-liter V8 receives a much-needed power increase thanks to the tuner's latest modification, which is known as the ABT RS6 Legacy Edition.


ABT RS6 Legacy Edition

The "Performance" version's power was increased from 621bhp to 750bhp, which most commentators criticised as "useless." Although ABT hasn't provided any more performance information, educated speculation is that the RS6 LE will be able to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in less time than the factory car's lethargic 3.4 seconds. The car's torque also increases to 723 lb ft.

The 750bhp abt rs6 legacy edition is an upgraded audi estate4Audi Sport's asthmatic charging system has undergone a number of modifications, including the addition of new ABT turbochargers and intercoolers, as well as improved airflow through the "optimised" intake grilles up front. A new engine management system has also been added to handle the extra power, which ABT claims now "demands proper respect," something the RS6 has badly lacked in its current form. Come to think of it, any disguise.

The 750bhp abt rs6 legacy edition is an upgraded audi estate9Better side skirts have been added by ABT to the RS6's narrow track widths, which are tucked between larger 22-inch alloy wheels. ABT has also upgraded the subpar stock suspension with its own custom spring and damper configuration. You'll notice a better rear wing, redesigned front and back lips, and a new carbon fibre bonnet. It has also been renovated on the inside, making a sly dig at Ingolstadt's noticeably subpar interior design. The RS6 LE will only be produced in 200 units.


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