The Modified BMW X6 M Competition

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It was created by Polish tuner Carlex Design, and the finished product barely qualifies as subtle.

Just take a look at the interior's neon orange decor.

With a redesigned front bumper and a carbon fiber-reinforced big grille, the outward changes are less obvious.
There is also a lip spoiler and a roof spoiler, but Carlex can't beat the QUAD-wing X6 M from German tuner Hamann.
Actually, it's probably for the best.

Additionally, there are brand-new carbon fibre side sills, a braided carbon fibre rear diffuser, and enormous 24-inch wheels.

Curiously, Carlex hasn't touched the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8. Maybe they thought 620 horsepower was "plenty."
Sincere to say, we anticipated at least 900bhp.

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