2023 Roush's New TrakPak Mustang

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Recently released Mustang GT350s and GT500s from Ford had sophisticated MagneRide suspension, and now Roush has added the same adaptive magnetorheological dampers on its upcoming 2023 TrakPak Mustang.


2023 TrakPak Mustang

You'd assume that the TrakPak would have some more power given Roush Performance's proclivity for supercharging. But the $20,150 upgrade doesn't give your base Mustang any more power; instead, it concentrates on aero, cooling, noise, and that suspension. Nice.

With a redesigned front lip and rear spoiler, the aero is modified. Additionally, larger vents in the bonnet and on the front wings provide greater cooling for what Roush refers to as "spirited driving sessions." To that aim, new performance oil cooling system and gearbox and diff coolers work together to maintain a cool powertrain.

2023 roush trakpak mustang 12You can choose between a six-speed manual and a ten-speed automatic gearbox for your TrakPak, and you can also choose 20-inch forged wheels with gripping tyres and an active performance exhaust with Touring, Sport, Track and Custom modes.



Roush TrakPak Ford Mustang 2023

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