Modified Camaro By Ringbrothers

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You may have seen that Ringbrothers just completed work on a 1,200 horsepower Chevy Blazer that they have dubbed the "Bully."

1969 Camaro By Ringbrothers

The Strode, another recently completed restomod by Ringbrothers, is similarly loaded with elements that seem to have been created specifically to frighten.

like 1,010 horsepower.

It appears to be controlled by a six-speed manual transmission, but trying to harness a hurricane feels impossible.
Additionally, there are at least two roundels attached to the Strode that both depict Michael Myers' spectral likeness in case there was any remaining question in your mind.

We find that the two remaining pieces of the 1969 Camaro are... well, still a mystery to all but the Ringbrothers, apparently. Wherever the two parts may be, they now sit in a completely custom carbon-fibre body.

It may not come as a surprise to find independent coilover suspension front and rear, six-piston brakes, and a roll cage in the back.

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