Plans to alter the Suzuki Jimny have been announced by Twisted Automotive

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Modifier headquartered in Yorkshire Twisted, known for its extensive experience modifying Land Rover Defenders, has revealed its plans to alter a Suzuki Jimny.


The Suzuki Jimny by Twisted Automotive

The only thing that has been confirmed is that the Jimny Light Commercial Vehicle, the only one currently on sale, will be the first vehicle to undergo Twisted's transformation.

Each vehicle will cost less than £50,000 (including VAT) and have "our signature custom interior," "progressive suspension" for "engaging handling and power delivery," Twisted's own wheel and tyre package, improved soundproofing, and updated navigation.

Charles Fawcett, the boss, notes that despite the fact that "Land Rover runs through my veins," he still has pleasant recollections of other straightforward 4x4s. One of the very few vehicles remaining in existence today that retains the same driving experience as when its ancestors were introduced more than 40 years ago is the Jimny.

Suzuki jimny by twisted automotive 1

It still makes travelling enjoyable and brings a grin to your face, he continued.

More information will reportedly become available when the development vehicles are approved later this year. From the 'Little Twisted' automobile, what do you hope to see?


Welcome to the family, little one.

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