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Drift Combat Between a Motorcycle and a Car

On 29/05/2021

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Which is better, a car or a bike? The dispute over drifting, which has raged since the birth of, umm, motorised wheels, has recently entered a new phase.

Drift Combat Between a Motorcycle and a Car

The leather romper suit crowd's basic argument is that even a moderately priced superbike is significantly faster than even the most super of supercars.
This is especially true on a track, where skeletal, topply motorcycles have a greater power-to-weight ratio than fat, bumpy vehicles.
Bikes, on the other hand, struggle when it comes to the wiggly bits, as they only have two contact patches to deal with braking zones and turns.
Car has the upper hand.

But what about from the side?
Drifting in an automobile is a delicate balance of steering angles and throttle inputs.
On a bike, though, it appears to be a terrifying balancing act.

To see stunt rider Joona Vatanen and drifter Harri Kosunen in an explosive struggle to show their weapon of choice as sideways champ, watch the video above.
Then tell us if you believe the drift crown belongs to two or four wheels below.