Video: proof the latest World Rally cars are proper

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Not sure about modern WRC cars? Watch them take an icy 6th-gear corner at max attack.

Video: proof the latest World Rally cars are proper

Last year, you may remember that the World Rally Championship loosened the shackles on its rulebook to try and inject a bit more excitement and energy into the sport.

Well, if you’ve been a hater, please take a look at the video above and then try and tell us that watching a little, fighty hatchback cling on for grip on an icy sixth gear corner isn’t exciting.

The footage comes courtesy of last weekend’s opening round of the WRC season in Monte Carlo. M Sport’s golden boy Sebastien Ogier kicked off the 2018 WRC season with a win in his Ford Fiesta ahead of two Toyotas, having led from the very beginning – even after spinning on the first stage.

But this fan-cam footage from a corner of SS10 (stage ten, for the non-nerds) shows just how ‘on it’ the drivers are when they’re flat-out when they’re on bumpy, icy public roads.

You can see the aerodynamics glueing the cars to the floor as they buck up and down on the broken road. Then it’s all about who wants to brake latest. Which, as you can see, is a rather committed affair…

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