Aston Martin's Upcoming Flagship Driven by an 824-HP Twin-Turbo V-12

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Discover Aston Martin's latest breakthrough: a cutting-edge twin-turbo V-12 engine set to redefine performance as legacy V-12s phase out. Explore the first details here.

Aston Martin's Latest Powerhouse Driven by an 824-HP Twin-Turbo V-12

Aston martin s latest powerhouse driven by an 824 hp twin turbo v 12

Aston Martin's forthcoming hand-built masterpiece churns out a formidable 824 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque, far surpassing its predecessor, the 5.2-liter V-12.

The pinnacle of Aston's V-12 lineage, the 759-hp engine in the DBS 770 Ultimate, marked the zenith of an era, retiring a generation and reigning as the company's most potent production car. Now, with the imminent arrival of the new V-12, that record is destined to be eclipsed.

Aston tantalizes enthusiasts with a glimpse into the future, offering a sneak peek through a captivating video heralding the "Dawn of a new V-12 era." Embrace the anticipation as Aston Martin sets the stage for automotive history.



Dawn of a new V12 era | All Will Be Vanquished

Aston Martin's upcoming V-12 undergoes a comprehensive overhaul, featuring a reinforced engine block and connecting rods for enhanced durability. Redesigned cylinder heads, coupled with advanced higher-speed, reduced-inertia turbochargers, promise heightened performance.

The valvetrain receives a meticulous upgrade with revised camshaft profiles, alongside new intake and exhaust ports. Fuel system enhancements include injectors with increased flow rate, complemented by repositioned spark plugs for optimized ignition.

Aston Martin reaffirms its commitment to crafting 12-cylinder engines until 2026, a pledge solidified by the introduction of this groundbreaking powerplant. Scheduled to debut in a forthcoming flagship model later this year, the new V-12 heralds a new era of performance excellence.

While specifics like displacement await future disclosures, Aston assures enthusiasts that each V-12 will be meticulously handcrafted in limited numbers annually. Speculation abounds regarding the identity of Aston's next flagship, with the teaser hinting at a legendary unveiling. Though initial impressions point towards a potential DBS successor based on the DB12 platform, only time will unveil the truth behind Aston's next masterpiece.

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