Ferrari 12 cilindri revealed with 819BHP

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Ferrari has introduced the world to its latest marvel, the 12 Cilindri, succeeding the renowned 812 Superfast. The grand reveal unfolded amidst the glamour of Miami Beach, commemorating seven decades of Ferrari's presence in the American market.

Ferrari 12 cilindri

Ferrari 12 cilindri revealed with 819bhp 2

Unlike its predecessor, the F12 Berlinetta-based 812 Superfast, the 12 Cilindri marks a complete overhaul for Ferrari's top-tier GT model. Offering a fresh start, Ferrari will roll out both coupe and convertible versions from the outset. The convertible variant, named the 12 Cilindri Spider, will feature a retractable hard-top roof for an exhilarating open-air experience.

The heart of this car beats with the latest Ferrari V-12 engine, known internally as the F140HD. Generating an impressive 819 horsepower without resorting to forced induction or hybrid systems, it stands as a testament to Ferrari's engineering prowess. Given its nomenclature, the 12 Cilindri might mark the end of an era for Ferrari's purebred 12-cylinder models. Yet, the iconic V-12 will endure, likely evolving into electrified iterations in the future.

Revving up to a staggering 9,500 rpm, the engine in the 12 Cilindri guarantees an exhilarating ride. Remarkably, Ferrari's engineers have ensured that 80% of its peak torque, reaching 500 lb-ft, is on tap from as low as 2,500 rpm, ensuring potent off-the-line performance. The engine owes its agility and high-revving nature to its lightweight internals, featuring titanium connecting rods among other innovations.

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The powertrain is seamlessly coupled with an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, exclusively driving the rear wheels. Ferrari boasts a 30% acceleration in gear shifts compared to its predecessor, the 812 Superfast. Performance figures claim a blistering 0-62 mph sprint in 2.9 seconds and a top speed exceeding 211 mph.

Sitting atop Ferrari's latest platform for front-midship vehicles, the 12 Cilindri adopts an aluminum framework initially unveiled in 2018. Designed to accommodate various wheelbase lengths, engine configurations, and seating arrangements, this platform offers versatility, including provisions for all-wheel drive and hybrid technology.

For the 12 Cilindri, Ferrari has shortened the wheelbase by 0.8 inches compared to the 812 Superfast, enhancing agility. Standard rear-wheel steering further aids manoeuvrability. With the engine snugly nestled behind the front axle, weight distribution achieves near perfection at 48.4-51.6% front to rear.

Encased within an exterior reminiscent of the classic 365 GTB/4 Daytona, the 12 Cilindri's design, led by Flavio Manzoni, prioritizes simplicity, resulting in a sleek aesthetic. Notably, the wide clamshell hood eliminates the need for separate front fenders, while the headlights seamlessly integrate into a single wraparound band, featuring striking daytime running lights.

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Ensuring aerodynamic efficiency without sacrificing elegance was a key focus during the design process. To achieve this delicate balance, the 12 Cilindri incorporates active aerodynamic elements. A standout feature is the pair of rear flaps that seamlessly integrate into the body during low-drag scenarios, activated below 37 mph and above 186 mph. Within this speed range, where high downforce is crucial, the flaps extend to optimize performance.

Inside the cabin, there's seating for two occupants, surrounded by a dashboard design that contrasts somewhat with the exterior's clean lines. Digital screens serve as the primary interfaces for the gauge cluster, infotainment system, and a dedicated passenger display offering access to media and vehicle functions. The centre console maintains a minimalist approach, with the transmission controls reminiscent of the iconic gated manual design found in classic Ferraris.

Scheduled for release later this year, the 12 Cilindri is expected to debut with a starting price slightly exceeding $400,000.

In a parallel development, Aston Martin is on the brink of unveiling its own V-12 super GT to rival Ferrari. Anticipated to revive the Vanquish nameplate, this model boasts a higher power output of 824 hp from its V-12 engine, albeit relying on a twin-turbocharging system to achieve peak performance.

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