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Flavio Manzoni has done it once more. The legendary Ferrari design leader has led his team to create a one-of-a-kind F8 Tributo for a one-of-a-kind customer.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is the newest in Ferrari's Special Projects line of supercars.

Ferrari's Special Projects are "totally unique cars constructed to the specifications of a single client and developed as a clear statement of their own distinctive requirements," according to Ferrari.

This unknown guy apparently despised the F8's back windscreen, because the Unica lacks any rear view.
With a twin-turbo V8, you'd think you'd just have to glance forward.
Looking down from above, you can see how the roof's middle part flows arrow-like into a pair of intakes placed into the back of the Unica.

Those 'cooling flows,' as Ferrari calls them, are the most noticeable differences from the standard F8, both beneath the rear spoiler and on the front bumper.
Both sets of grilles have been optimised for optimal airflow, and an intercooler intake is located just behind the side windows, ensuring that some wonderful noises are delivered into the cabin.
Overall, the more time you have, the better.

There are minor tweaks to the headlamps and a pair of vents in the bonnet, and Ferrari's goal was to give the impression that the Unica was crafted from a single piece of metal.

Inside, we're told it's the same as the F8, albeit there's special black Alcantara on the seats and much of the trim, flashing with red/orange cloth and polished sill coverings - no photographs of the inside have been provided.

"The SP48 Unica fulfils its purpose of masterfully altering an established model," Ferrari asserts.
That is unarguable.



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