Jaguar Unveils Exclusive F-Pace 90th Anniversary Edition

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While Jaguar has had its share of missteps over the past decade, the F-Pace wasn't one of them. Initially controversial for its bold SUV design, it ultimately proved to be perfectly timed and a commercial success.

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Since its launch in 2016, Jaguar has produced 328,000 F-Pace models. While this number might seem modest compared to some German competitors, it's a significant achievement for Jaguar. The F-Pace, with its balanced proportions and impressive driving dynamics—especially the SVR model—has been a hit.

In light of its shift towards an all-electric future, Jaguar has rolled out the F-Pace 90th Anniversary Edition. This special edition commemorates 90 years of Jaguar's innovation and internal combustion engine production. It symbolizes one of the final gas-powered models from the brand. The anniversary edition includes subtle badging, R-Dynamic exterior features, diamond-turned alloy wheels, privacy glass, a panoramic roof, and sporty interior seats. There’s a variety of engines available, though the V8 isn’t one of them

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Concerned that a simple cosmetic update might seem insufficient for a full press release, Jaguar also spotlighted the SVR 575 Edition. This model, which apparently launched quietly late last year, is now getting the attention it deserves. The SVR 575 Edition enhances the F-Pace with a robust 5.0-liter V8 engine, boosting the horsepower to 575—a 25hp increase over the standard SVR model. This bump in power isn't just for show; it shaves the 0-60mph time down to an impressive 3.8 seconds. Jaguar proudly describes this supercharged engine as a 'celebration of internal combustion,' and it's hard to disagree.

The SVR 575 Edition also comes with distinctive SVR bodywork, including a rear diffuser and active exhaust system. It rides on 22-inch forged alloy wheels with a striking Diamond Turned finish and Satin Technical Grey contrast. Inside, the cabin is outfitted with Suedecloth and Windsor leather performance seats, maintaining a high level of luxury and sportiness.

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While this edition might not be the most radical special release, it doesn't need to be. The F-Pace SVR has always been one of Jaguar's standout models, and a bit more power only enhances its appeal. Both the standard and SVR 575 editions are available to order now. With Jaguar’s shift to an all-electric lineup on the horizon, the future of these models is uncertain. If you've ever wanted to own one, now might be the perfect time to act.


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