Bugatti s new hybrid v 16 1

Bugatti's New Hybrid V-16 A Symphony of Power

By On 04/06/2024

Before the official unveiling on June 20, Bugatti tantalized automotive enthusiasts with a brief video showcasing the powerful V-16 engine of its Chiron successor.

Bugatti unveils final chiron model 3 1

Bugatti Unveils Final Chiron Model: The L’Ultime Super Sport

By On 30/05/2024

Bugatti has revealed the final model in its Chiron lineup, the L'Ultime, marking the end of a seven-year production run that saw 500 units crafted.

Chiron pays tribute to jean bugatti s iconic type 55 super sport 1 1

Chiron Pays Tribute to Jean Bugatti's Iconic Type 55 Super Sport

By On 24/05/2024

Bugatti has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the "55 One of One" Chiron, crafted by its in-house Sur Mesure team. This unique Chiron pays homage to the legendary Type 55 Super Sport, a model designed by Jean Bugatti that left a lasting mark on automotive history.

0 bugatti chiron sur mesure

These custom-painted Chirons have been presented by Bugatti Sur Mesure

By On 28/04/2022

Remember when Bugatti announced the establishment of an unique customising section right before Christmas?
The Chirons you see here were among the first to receive the Sur Mesure therapy.