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Novitec mclelv pic02

Modified McLaren Elva with 906bhp

On 01/03/2023

For a supercar with no roof, no windscreen, you would think that 804 horsepower, 590 lb ft of torque, and a top speed of 203 mph would be sufficient.

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Rr dawn blackbadge 03 fitmaxwzeyodasmtaynf0

Novitec has created a 676bhp widebody Rolls-Royce Dawn

On 15/12/2021

Welcome to the SPOFEC OVERDOSE, based on the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Dawn, Isn't that an interesting name?

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Novitec roma 03 fitmaxwzeyodasmtaynf0

Novitec’s Ferrari Roma

On 26/11/2021

We're amazed it's taken Novitec this long to produce its own version of the Roma, given that it employs Ferrari's ubiquitous 3.9-litre twin turbo V8.

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2 fitmaxwzeyodasmtaynf0 2

The Novitec F8 N-Largo Spider with a horsepower of 807bhp

On 20/11/2021

Only 15 examples of the F8 N-Largo Spider seen above will ever exist, according to German tuner Novitec.

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Novitec nlargo f8t pic01

Novitec's version of the Ferrari F8 Tributo boasts 807 horsepower

On 05/07/2021

Although the Ferrari 296 GTB is the newest child on the block in Maranello, German tuner Novitec wants you to remember the F8 Tributo...