Novitec's version of the Ferrari F8 Tributo boasts 807 horsepower

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Although the Ferrari 296 GTB is the newest child on the block in Maranello, German tuner Novitec wants you to remember the F8 Tributo...

Its attempt to refresh your memory focuses around the N-Largo, which is based on the F8 processor.
You've probably heard that name before.
Previous incarnations were based on Ferrari F12s, 812 Superfasts, and McLaren 720Ss, and Novitec applies it to every car that undergoes a widebody modification in its factory.

The F8 N-Largo is restricted to only 15 units, each with the crazy carbon fibre addendums shown here.
A roof scoop, those enormous side air intakes, new front and rear bumpers, a new diffuser, and that large ducktail spoiler are all available in body colour or unpainted.
All of these additions, according to reports, were created in a wind tunnel to minimise aerodynamic lift while also enhancing cooling for the mid-mounted V8 and brakes.

New forged wheels from American manufacturer Vossen are now available, as well as new suspension that lowers the F8 by 35mm.

A revised engine management unit and a lightweight Inconel exhaust combine for an enhanced (and simply ludicrous) 807bhp and 666lb ft of torque in the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8.
The end result is a 0-62mph time of 2.6 seconds and a peak speed of around 211mph.

According to Novitec, every aspect of the Ferrari's interior may be modified with various colours of leather or Alcantara, depending on the buyer's preferences.
Which spec would you choose, people?

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