Up fit begins converting tesla cybertrucks for police use

UP.FIT Begins Converting Tesla Cybertrucks for Police Use

By On 11/06/2024

UP.FIT  has announced its latest project, modifying Tesla Cybertrucks for police duty. These specialized patrol vehicles will feature an array of police-specific equipment including lights, sirens, advanced radio and computer systems, and an optional front push bar.

Cutting edge carbon fiber aero kit for the tesla model 3 1

Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber Aero Kit for the Tesla Model 3

By On 04/05/2024

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 today and experience the perfect blend of form and function with this Carbon Fiber Aero Package. Transform the appearance of your Tesla Model 3 and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Assessing the tesla cybertruck 1

Assessing the Tesla Cybertruck: Its Viability as a Dump Truck or Military Vehicle

By On 25/03/2024

The Tesla Cybertruck stands apart from conventional pickup trucks, igniting widespread imagination and curiosity.

It is possible to envision a tesla cybertruck equipped with a porsche engine swap 7 1

It is possible to envision a Tesla Cybertruck equipped with a Porsche engine swap

By On 14/03/2024

The Tesla full-size truck has been transformed into a formidable track beast, equipped with a twin-turbo flat-six powertrain sourced from the iconic Porsche 911.