Modified Mercedes-Benz G-Class with a puffer jacket

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The newest essential gadget from Mercedes-Benz has been unveiled to assist G-Class owners in keeping their 4x4s warm during these chilly, gloomy months.


Welcome to Project Mondo G

Set in "an imaginary realm with little gravity," this legally certified "art installation" made its debut at London Fashion Week.
Unofficially, the greatest technique to maintain the snugness of your Mercedes off-roader.

According to reports, the addition of Moncler's "style-defining" puffer jacket on top of the G-Class creates a lovely juxtaposition between the classic G-crisp, Wagen's decades-old design and soft, quilted fabrics, creating something that is somewhat reminiscent of a moon buggy.


Modified mercedes benz g class with a puffer jacket4

There's a lot of Design Speak going on here, but let's just say the finished object weights 2.5 tonnes and is 3.4 metres wide with those moon-buggy wheels.
That much width is equivalent to two and a half Range Rovers.

The Benz has a "rough patina" that indicates use, which is contrasted with the puffer jacket's reflective surfaces. The Zipper is also strongly mentioned. The Zipper is a "practical reference to the adaptability of both goods," not a video game level-ending boss. The Zipper should be feared.

According to Benz design chief Gorden Wagener, "this artwork blends radically opposing forms and textures, futuristic bright materials with a used patina aspect, strong geometry of the G-Class with organic forms of Moncler puffer jackets."

Modified mercedes benz g class with a puffer jacket2

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Project Mondo G based on Mercedes G Class


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