Fastest BMW on Earth: Meet the 1500-HP M240i

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Discover the 2 Series Coupe's B58 Engine, Achieving 7.9 Seconds in the Quarter-Mile at 175 mph.

1500-HP BMW M240i

Fastest bmw on earth

The B58 straight-six engine from BMW is rapidly gaining popularity in import drag racing circles. This 3.0-liter powerhouse has demonstrated remarkable durability and capability, handling substantial boost with ease. Owners find it straightforward to unlock significant horsepower and velocity on the track. The emergence of a 1500-horsepower BMW 2 Series serves as compelling evidence that the B58 is the rightful heir to the Toyota 2JZ legacy.

At first glance, the M240i xDrive coupe appears unassuming, resembling a stock model except for its high-performance drag radials. Beneath the surface lies a heavily modified rendition of the original B58 six-cylinder engine. Enhanced with new camshafts, ported heads, a robust fuel system, and a 74-millimeter Precision turbocharger boasting 49 pounds of boost, this setup transforms the vehicle.

The all-wheel-drive configuration remains intact, complemented by an upgraded version of the factory eight-speed automatic transmission, expertly crafted by Pure Drivetrain Solutions. Strengthened axles and a carbon driveshaft accommodate the increased torque demands. Remarkably, the rear differential remains untouched amidst the extensive modifications.

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One of the most impressive aspects of this modified 2 Series is that it retains its stock ECU, which has been reworked to accommodate all of the drivetrain enhancements. This means that the vehicle maintains most of its original features, such as climate control, infotainment system, and cruise control, among others. Much of the interior remains intact. The owner reports that with him in the driver's seat, the car weighs approximately, 3510 pounds.

This setup played a significant role in the astonishing performance achieved during TX2K in Texas earlier this month. Clocking in at 7.9 seconds in the quarter-mile at a blistering 175 mph, these 2 Series now holds the title of the quickest and fastest BMW in the world for the quarter-mile. Remarkably, this feat was accomplished without significant alterations to weight or aerodynamics. With further modifications, it's highly plausible that this BMW could achieve even quicker times.




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