The Fenix Chevrolet Camaro with 1,180bhp

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Designer of automobiles, Sean Smith. He has created cars for companies like Saleen, Ringbrothers, SpeedKore, Fast and Furious, as well as Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto, of course.

Astons, Bentleys, and Porsches served as inspiration for this 1,180bhp modified Camaro.

Yet, Mr. Smith recently received the assignment to modernise a vintage 1969 Camaro, and this is it

The "Fenix" Camaro, which you can see above, was commissioned by a man named Michael Shields who wanted his vehicle to resemble one of Smith's earlier creations, notably a 2019 Camaro he constructed for SEMA.

The two decided on a "sports GT concept" for this Camaro, drawing inspiration from Aston Martin, Bentley, and even Porsche.
Of course, with exorbitant quantities of horsepower.

Under that bonnet is a supercharged 7.0-litre LS V8 that Wegner Motorsports tuned. Because it produces 1,180 horsepower on the dyno, it is also heavily supercharged. This is coupled with a "Roadster Shop Fast Track" chassis and a six-speed Tremec gearbox.


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The Fenix has modified 'RS Fast Track' suspension, 355mm discs with six-pot callipers hidden behind two-piece HRE wheels, and spindle and hub assembly from a Corvette.

Shall we discuss that special body? A unique grille, splitter, front valance, new rear panel/valance/diffuser configuration, a 3D-printed boot spoiler, and tightened panel gaps are just a few of the elements this Driven Speed Shop creation has to offer. This modified Camaro is impressive in the world of eleventy billion horsepower Camaros.

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The interior has also had a complete makeover, with the foam board dash, door panels, and centre console being replicated using 3D scanning.
Of course, it has a lot of leather trim.

We are informed that the end result is a genuinely extraordinary car that combines beauty and elegance with the astounding performance of a supercharged Chevrolet 427 LS7 V8 engine.


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