This is Speedkore's drift 'Cuda with a Barra engine

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Now that what was formerly a high-performance 'Cuda has been given a turbocharged 4.0-liter straight six from Ford Australia, sometimes known as the Ford Barra engine, Speedkore has made its own sideways-happy pun.


Speedkore has made its own sideways happy Muscle Car

There is an inline six-cylinder with performance comparable to the 1970 Barracuda's without having to switch to Ford if you decide to go with the rarely regretted option. Even better, it has a Hemi, which is like catnip to Mopar enthusiasts. In actuality, it is known as the Hemi Six and was developed by Chrysler Australia from a prototype engine provided by the American parent company.

This is speedkore s drift cuda with a barra engine4

Yet, Chrysler's Australian subsidiary was achieving more than 300bhp and 320lb ft from a 4.3-liter engine, in contrast to the 100 to 110bhp that Plymouth was getting from its 3.2 and 3.7-litre straight sixes. But, they are becoming increasingly rare and usually come with a priceless bit of Australian muscle car mythology.

The Barra is quite ubiquitous in Australia; even taxis have one, modified to run on LPG. In fact, if one were to, say, begin a project using a Barra as the platform, the 'green top' taxi versions (and the factory turbocharged ones) are suitably robust engines that can create substantial power. Regular aspirated engines are possible, but they will require more aftermarket components to reach the same level, so starting with the more expensive engine is typically the most cost-effective alternative.

This is speedkore s drift cuda with a barra engine5

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