Despite the haters, the Chevrolet Chevelle adopts a slammed widebody look

shawn By On 11/12/2021 at 17:32

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With a nod to Gymkhana, a digital artist created a new twist on the classic Chevy.

The Chevrolet Chevelle is a highly popular vintage Chevrolet, but owners are always seeking for ways to make it look better.
Emmanuel Brito, a talented digital renderer, has created this stunning picture of a Chevrolet Chevelle that has undergone a significant alteration.
This is a nice widebody package with substantially wider tyres that has also resulted in the car being crushed to the ground.

The widebody package on this Chevelle is the most noticeable feature.
We can notice a huge splitter design starting from the front of the automobile.
It's more of a huge front lip that protrudes from behind the front bumper, leaving very little room for ground clearance.
That is the most significant alteration to the Chevelle's front end.
Looking at the front wheels, we can see some considerably larger wheel arches spanning some rather substantial tyres.
These tyres are certainly superior than what would have come standard on this Chevelle.

If we look at the car's side profile, we can observe how its overall posture has changed.
This is highlighted by the profile between the front and rear wheels, which shows almost little ground clearance at all.
So, if you were to drive this automobile, you probably wouldn't want to take it over any speed bumps!
If we check inside the car, we can see that it has been fitted with a roll-cage, which might indicate that this Chevelle is equipped with a high-performance engine specifically suited for the drag strip.

Now we'll take a look at the back of the Chevelle.
There isn't much that appears to be different here.
The expanded rear arches with significantly wider tyres are readily visible, and the car's back aspect is noticeably altered.
The remainder of the adjustments, on the other hand, are more modest.
The bumpers are no longer chrome and are the same deep green as the rest of the vehicle.
The taillights also appear to be more current LEDs, and there doesn't appear to be any sort of diffuser update.
This rendition is a little more subtle than the others, but it still has a lot of variations.


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