Heavily modified 2002 honda s2000 track car 1

Heavily Modified 2002 Honda S2000 Track Car

By On 29/05/2024

This 2002 Honda S2000 has undergone extensive modifications to transform it into a track-ready beast. Central to its transformation is the installation of a formidable 6.0-liter V8 engine.

Mugen s latest honda civic type r innovations 6

Enhanced Downforce and Streamlined Design: Mugen's Latest Honda Civic Type R Innovations

By On 10/05/2024

Mugen, the renowned Japanese tuning company, unveiled a lineup of upgraded Civic models at January's Tokyo Auto Salon. Now, enthusiasts can bring home these striking enhancements for their current-generation Honda Civic Type R.

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Honda S2000 powered by a 302 horsepower Civic Type R engine

By On 26/04/2023

Honda's Type R line of sports vehicles quickly established a legendary stature; there are Type R versions of the Integra, Civic, NSX, and even the Accord.

03hpdhondacr vhybridracer

This Honda CR-V is a twin-turbo nutcase

By On 04/03/2023

This specific CR-V has obviously been designed to be the complete opposite of the CR-V in every way.

1 honda cr v 800hp

An 800bhp Honda CR-V

By On 27/02/2023

Honda is preparing to update its US-spec CR-V compact crossover with 800 horsepower and a wing that would make an F1 car blush.

Complete custom wheel tuned honda s2000

A Successor Is Deserved For These Discontinued Japanese Performance Cars

By On 11/12/2021

We'd want to see some of Japan's famous performance vehicles return to production.


Honda is sending an Accord estate with a Type R engine to SEMA

By On 29/10/2021

We sincerely apologise for missing the opportunity to show you this magnificent JACCS-liveried, fifth-generation Honda Accord estate that Fifteen52 and Mountune USA created in partnership with Honda Performance Development (HPD) back in May.
We apologise profusely.


As a race car, the Honda Civic looks awesome

By On 29/10/2021

You've seen the new Honda Civic in'sedan' trim in the United States. The new Honda Civic has also been spotted in its more traditional hatchback configuration. You've already seen half of the new Civic in full-fat, disguised Type R configuration, and now you can see it in complete racing car spec.