£50,000 Liberty Walk Urus bodykit

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Wataru Kato, the creator of Liberty Walk, has revealed his first new bodykit for 2022.

It appears that the contentious Japanese tuner will temporarily stop bashing supercars.

This is Liberty Walk's interpretation of the Lamborghini Urus, and Kato has already acknowledged on Instagram that his company will produce further SUV kits.

At the SEMA exhibition in November in Las Vegas, this specific one—with its wide arches, bewinged back, and antisocially sharp front end—will be displayed in person.
But for those of you who own a normal Urus, order books are already open.

It's not cheap, I guess.
Widebody kit and vented bonnet made of fiber-reinforced plastic will cost $36,300 (about £30,000), but if you'd rather have everything made of carbon fibre, it would cost over $100,000.

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