A tuner creates a powerful Toyota Land Cruiser for off-road adventures

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A large brush bar, several skid plates, and enhanced suspension components are all included.

TJM is a firm based in Australia that sells a variety of off-road accessories for trucks and SUVs.
It is now demonstrating a planned set of parts for the new Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series, which will make the already tough vehicle even more capable off-road.

A hefty steel brush bar that shields the front bumper and headlamps is among the options.
The design, according to TJM, has no effect on engine or intercooler airflow and is compatible with the Land Cruiser's external sensors.
It also has built-in turn signals and LED fog lights.
There are large spotlights attached to the central section in these photographs.

TJM manufactures a component that fits to the brush bar and shields the front fender for more body protection.
It links to the side steps as well.

A snorkel mounted on the A-pillar allows for better breathing in dusty situations or while fording streams.

When off-roading, one of the perils is slamming key underbody components into rocks or other hazards.
TJM offers a complete line of skid plates to protect these components from harm.

Suspension components have also been improved by the manufacturer.
Twin-tube shock absorbers with Multi-Stage Velocity-Controlled Valving are among the components.
Upgraded upper control arms are also available.
In these photos, the Land Cruiser has a 1.97-inch (50-millimeter) raise.

TJM shows off some extra equipment on this Land Cruiser 300.
At the front of the SUV is a roof rack with LED light bars.
On top, there's a shovel and some recovery boards.
Along one side, there is also what looks to be an extensible awning.

TJM intends to begin selling these parts in 2022.
They don't have a price yet, but there is a form on the company's website where customers may express their interest in the components.

The Land Cruiser Series 300 is a relatively new model on the market.
As the SUV becomes more generally available, expect aftermarket support to increase.

TJM is the source of this information.

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