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10 of the Best Cars to Modify (2024)

On 26/01/2024

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These are the 10 best cars to modify in 2024 if you're itching for aftermarket components to modify your car.

Toyota Supra Mk4

1993 toyota supra twin turbo sport roof 0Since so many Mk4 Toyota Supras have been changed, it is very uncommon to find one that is stock. The sleek appearance of the Supra can be enhanced or altered to your exact specifications, whether you choose dramatic changes or more subdued adjustments.

They can be easily modified to four-figure power outputs, turbocharged Supras are the most sought-after Mk4s. The Supra could outperform some of the supercars of its era even in stock form, and there are countless ways to increase performance. The Fast & Furious movie franchise included the car, which has been customised with a bottle of NOS nitrous oxide and a bright orange paint job, among other things. This contributed to the car's appeal.

Other cars to alter may be the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Nissan Silvia, and Nissan Skyline. Japanese cars are frequently seen as an ideal platform for modification because they tend to be reasonably economical, reliable, and easy to tune.

Mazda MX-5

2018 mazda mx 5 review headerAlthough a car at the lower end of the market would require some maintenance and rust treatment, anyone looking to modify their MX-5 can find plenty of parts. These include V8 engines, body kits, superchargers, and improved suspension and braking systems. Roll cages and other safety features, along with weight-saving techniques, are fitted to May MX-5s to prepare them for track use.

Though it lacks power and is relatively inexpensive, the MX-5 is a popular starting point due to its rear-wheel drive, good weight balance, and first handling performance. Check out the V6-powered Mazda MX-5 that our sister site, Car Throttle, has made if you need some inspiration.

Ford Mustang

Ford mustang

American muscle cars are just as easy to tune as Japanese vehicles, if not easier. The older models are more straightforward devices, with a large V8 engine serving as a strong foundation for increasing power output. Like the Mini, the Ford Mustang is arguably the most iconic car in America, and modification businesses have been established expressly to work on these vehicles. Due to their extreme customizability, Roush, Steeda, and Clive Sutton Mustangs are nearly entirely new vehicles.

Factory Mustangs and Dodge Challengers can now be ordered with over 700 horsepower thanks to the American horsepower war, but enhancements are still available to make the Mustang faster on a drag strip or even around curves.

Toyota GT86

Toyota gt86

Nearly identical twins, the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ were designed as cost-effective sports cars that prioritised driver involvement over pure speed. The GT86/BRZ twins have always felt like they could handle a little bit more power, and they share the same philosophy as the MX-5.

A audience can be amazed by the customised GT86 and BRZ models that tuners like Litchfield can create. With upgrades available for the engine, suspension, brakes, and cosmetics, the two have garnered a fervent fan base. Toyota even debuted a limited number of GT86 models with liveries modelled after vintage Toyota race cars, which were pre-lowered and pre-wrapped.


MiniDue to the Mini's iconic status, numerous businesses have been established expressly to provide parts and customisation options. Furthermore, no possibility has been overlooked. Minis have been stretched, lowered, cut, and redecorated. Engine swaps are also a possibility. While there are easily available Honda VTEC engine kits that are supposed to fit well into the small engine bay, more extreme modifications have included the addition of V8 engines to Minis and similar vehicles.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi lancer evolution 1Because of the Lancer Evolution's WRC accomplishments, the Mitsubishi brand survived the 1990s. Before being discontinued in2015, the Evo was a rally car, circuit racer, and street racer. It still has a lot of aftermarket support, which opens up a lot of customisation options and keeps the WRX as a constant rival.

The previous version features an attractive chassis and is simple to modify. In addition, the Evo community is among the liveliest, and you may seek assistance without difficulty if you run into trouble.

Ford Fiesta ST

Ford fiesta st

Not many cars have a factory-approved power boost, but you can send your Ford Fiesta ST to Mountune for a tuning kit, and it won't even void your warranty. For a relatively small amount of money, the ST's driving experience may be totally transformed with the addition of 40 horsepower and about 80 Nm of torque.

Since many accessories are under £100 and larger items may often be financed, the Ford Fiesta ST is actually one of the most affordable cars in the UK for customisation. We observed that a remap package plus a Milltek exhaust system could be had for less than £15 per month for a period of three years.

Honda Civic

Honda civicThe Civic is one of the most customisable automobiles ever, having been in production for fifty years and ten versions. The Civic, which started the trend of sport compact vehicles, can be fully customised to improve both its appearance and performance.

Due to their superb handling and reasonable price, pre-2000 Civics are the most often modified vehicles. Additionally, there are indications that the new Civics will carry on the customising legacy, as evidenced by the newest model's stock turbocharged engine.

Honda S2000

Honda s2000 1Honda made a special effort to build the S2000 between 1999 and 2009 in honour of the company's 50th anniversary. The fact that the S2000 was an excellent track car right out of the factory is the main grievance among tuners. They still tune, albeit not too much needs to be adjusted.

Custom S2000s are frequently seen at High-Performance Driving Events (HPDE), which are conducted on specific racetracks. This vehicle boasts a devoted fan base, robust aftermarket support, and an expanding reputation. The car's prospects as a collectible appear promising because it was only produced for ten years and there is no indication that a successor model will be released.


Bmw m3

A high-performance vehicle ideal for track days and autocross competitions is the BMW M3. It is a favourite among auto enthusiasts who seek a vehicle that is quick and enjoyable to drive because of its strong engine and rear-wheel drive.

A cold air intake, performance exhaust, and a fresh tune to boost horsepower are all possible upgrades for the M3. For improved handling, coilovers and sway bars can also be added to the suspension.

So that's our complete list of the best cars to modify in 2024, if this list of the best cars to modify has helped you please give our article a share with the share button below.

The Best Cars to modify in 2024 and why ?

Every new car undergoes hundreds of hours of testing and refinement before going on sale, with automakers investing millions in research and development.

However, there will always be clients who wish to modify their car or increase its performance to meet their requirements. Maybe the goal is to release more power from the engine, enhance handling, replace a weak component with a stronger one, or just add some unique styling to make the automobile stand out. If that describes you, our list of the top automobiles for modifications will be of interest to you.

To meet this need, a plethora of businesses have emerged, and if you search hard enough, you can locate aftermarket components that suit almost every car on the road. Additionally, there are groups of like-minded individuals who have modified their vehicles and who, for the most part, will be pleased to guide you on your car modification adventure.

Modifying the best project car is much simpler than with others. Not every vehicle can take a significant power increase, and some hardware and software combinations can make it challenging to make significant modifications to specific models. For instance, without using pricey kits, it can be challenging to build a naturally aspirated automobile far faster than it is now possible.

You can simply modify certain cars to produce twice or three times as much power as they did originally, or you may visit several companies to get new panels, style components, and body kits. The following are some of the top cars available right now for tuning and modification:


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